Blue Care Connection®

Our Blue Care Connection (BCC) care management and wellness initiative makes it easier for members and their families to manage their health and fitness.

BCC includes the following programs:

  • 24/7 Nurseline — around the clock, toll-free access to registered nurses
  • Special Beginnings® — maternity program offering support and education from prenatal to postpartum care
  • Blue Care® Advisors — registered nurses and health care professionals work with members at risk of, or diagnosed with, chronic conditions to provide education and coaching that guides them to adopting healthier behaviors
  • Case Management — registered nurse case managers help members cope with complex medical situations and access services they need
  • Behavioral Health — licensed behavioral health professionals help members access services and support those with co-existing medical conditions such as anxiety and depression

Blue Care Connection also includes an industry-leading Lifestyle Management Program that offers our Metabolic Syndrome Program, weight management and tobacco cessation assistance.