Grants and Sponsorships

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) supports and partners with organizations that can make the most meaningful changes in the lives of the people of Illinois.

In 2013, we provided nearly $7.5 million in grants and sponsorships that helped improve the health and wellness of children, families, the uninsured and underinsured.

We choose partners who are in the communities we serve. With the support of BCBSIL, 391 organizations were able to impact the day-to-day lives of people where they need it – we helped children at schools, families at community centers, the underinsured at clinics and even transformed city streets into active, safe places for everyone.

By giving, we are getting:

  • A healthier Illinois
  • Greater knowledge of how to better serve the people of Illinois
  • A glimpse of a future where health care is less about dollars and more about sense