Volunteer of the Year

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is proud to announce its 2013 Volunteer of the Year, Rebecca Weinshenker. Rebecca is an associate actuary who has been with BCBSIL for more than six years and since then has logged 462 volunteer hours helping others change their lives for the better.

Rebecca can be found regularly at the Inspiration Café, a restaurant on the north side of Chicago that serves free, restaurant-quality meals to the homeless. Whether cooking in the kitchen or helping wait tables, Rebecca appreciates the opportunity to get close to the people she is helping.

“I think there is a certain power in feeling connected to your community. You feel more accountable, appreciative, and responsible for it and who is included in it. And you want others to feel appreciative and responsible for you, too,” she said.

“Rebecca is a perfect example of how addictive volunteering can become,” says Karen Atwood, President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. “Here at Blue Cross and Blue Shield we are proud to offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities that can fit into almost anyone’s schedule – and as a company we strive to create a culture where we truly do care for our communities.”