We have implemented many sustainability programs and systems in our facilities that help both our employees and our members contribute to our green initiatives. We understand that it is important that each of us do our part to keep our environment clean and sustainable for years to come. We are Blue, but we are committed to continuing to go Green.

Why Print?

Print reduction and paper recycling efforts are among our most successful. Each year, we step up our efforts to not only recycle paper but encourage employees to reduce printing and paper use.

Saving Paper: Increased Electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

We encourage our members to use electronic explanation of benefits (EOBs) through our online member portal Blue Access℠. In addition to security, convenience and speed of service, the shift to electronic EOBs means significant paper reductions, cost savings and trees saved. In 2013, we saved more than 33 million sheets of paper and more than $16 million in printing and postage costs by using electronic EOBs.

Saving Water: Greenwater System

One of our data centers features a greenwater system, which captures roof rainwater, air handler condensation and treated cooling tower water into a holding tank to be recycled for non-potable water usage.

Saving Energy: Implementing Telecommuting/Work from Home

Where possible, we enable employees to work from home. We believe this arrangement helps boost employee morale and productivity, improve work/life balance and assist with retention and recruitment. There is also a significant impact on the environment by reducing carbon footprints caused by transit.

Additional conservation and sustainability efforts included:

  • Extinguishing lights in our headquarters after 10 p.m. five months during the year as part of the Audubon Society’s “Lights Out” program to prevent migratory birds from flying into buildings – learn more
  • Telecommuting and work-from-home opportunities
  • Working to eliminate paper explanation of benefits (EOBs) and replacing with electronic notices
  • Elimination of Styrofoam containers in company cafeterias
  • New battery recycling program for employees